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29 years ethylene oxide sterilizer manufacturer

Our Solutions

our EO sterilizer solutions

EO sterilizer, Preheating room, aeration room, EO waste gas treatment

EO sterilizer

3 series of sterilizer products to meet different sterilization needs.

aeration room

Two series of products, aeration room and aeration cabinet, to accelerate aeration.

EO waste gas treatment

4 types of scrubber to meet different environmental exhaust gas requirements.

our EO solutions

Our EO sterilizer Solutions

EO Sterilizer Capacity

Capacity: 1-120 cubic meters. Design the size of the sterilizer with good loading rate according to product box & pallets size.

Type of sterilizer door

Sliding door, revolving door, lifting door,single door or two doors, based on the reserved area.

Material of sterilizer

Water jacket: Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel ;
inner liner: 304 Stainless Steel or 316L.

percentages of EO gas

10%EO-100%EO, More than 30% EO are conventional types, Less than 30% EO are advanced types.

Internal conveyor of sterilizer

Two types of internal conveyor:Passive Stainless Steel Drum and Chain Automatic Conveyor.


provide free IQ and OQ reports, and are paid to provide PQ guidance. Provide SAT and FAT.


What Our Client Say



From Turkiye

Thank you very much for the high-quality products and services provided by Bocon. Welcome to visit my ETO sterilization workshop at any time.



From Indonesia

I am happy to recommend these good EO sterilizers to my friends.
Welcome friends from Indonesia to consult me.



From Korea

Bocon is the largest manufacturer I have visited.
I am very grateful to Bocon for meeting my high requirements.
I will continue to purchase from Bocon.



From Russia

I visited the exhibition and factory of Bocon and felt very good. Bocon's EO solution is excellent, and I will continue to maintain a cooperative relationship with Bocon.

Sterilizer series and prices

Pricing Plan

GE series

> $40,000

Stainless steel water jacket

  • Advanced Type, CE Standard
  • Meet EN1422/ISO11135
  • Capacity: 1-120 cubic meters
  • High configuration and high price
  • Material: All Stainless Steel
  • Over 30 Years Service Life
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LE series

> $30,000

Carbon steel water jacket

  • General Type, CE Standard
  • Meet EN1422/ISO11135
  • Capacity: 1-120 cubic meters
  • Durable Inner Inflatable Seal
  • A Free Set Of Wireless Sensors
  • Over 20 Years Service Life
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IE series

> $30,000

All In One Type

  • Easy Installation
  • Capacity: 1-120 cubic meters
  • Customized Production for needs
  • Suitable for reserving small areas
  • Fast Delivery And Easy Installation
  • Over 20 Years Service Life
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