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29 years ethylene oxide sterilizer manufacturer
29 years

Bocon Group

29 years of professional experience, specializing in sterilizer R & D, system design, sterilizer production and sales of comprehensive high-tech enterprises..

  • With a factory area of 17500 square meters.
  • Three large production lines, 150 employees.
  • The largest and professional ETO sterilizer manufacturer in China.
Our factory

Provide ethylene oxide sterilizer and plant on a turnkey basis

Design according to standards

EN-ISO 11135, EN-ISO 13485, etc.

5S production management

Strict requirements for each production process.

29 years of professional experience

Our team started in 1984. Warmly Welcomed By Customers From Many Countries


What Our Client Say

Halil From Turkiye

" I'm very satisfied!
Thank you very much for the high-quality products and services provided by Bocon. Welcome to visit my ETO sterilization workshop at any time."

Glen From Indonesia

" The products and services are excellent!
I am happy to recommend these good EO sterilizers to my friends.
Welcome friends from Indonesia to consult me."

Daniel From Korea

" Bocon is the largest manufacturer I have visited.
I am very grateful to Bocon for meeting my high requirements.
I will continue to purchase from Bocon. "

ETO sterilization Process

sterilization process

Most modern ETO sterilizers combine sterilization and aeration in the same chamber as a continuous process.



In the pre-treatment stage the load is heated and humidified to prepare for sterilization.


EO Gas Sterilization

The load is sterilized with the correct concentration of EO gas at low temperatures.



In the aeration stage, the EO gas residues will be removed from product and packaging.

our team

29-year team



Overseas Business

With 24 years of experience, often attends medical product exhibitions overseas and visits customers in more than 30 countries and regions, including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Türkiye, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc.


Big Sheng

Sterilization Technology Director

With 29 years of experience, he is responsible for upgrading sterilization technology solutions and new technologies, and has multiple invention patents for sterilizer technology. Responsible for 159 sterilization turnkey projects, highly recognized and trusted by customers.



Marketing Manager

Responsible for providing customers with quotation of sterilization technology and equipment comprehensive scheme, providing sterilization technology consultation, serving more than 200 customers, and has served customers in more than 30 countries, including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Türkiye, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Vietnam, Pakistan, Cambodia, etc.



production manager

With 24 years of experience, Responsible for the production management of EtO sterilizers, strictly requiring every step of production, with a 100% pass rate, and being an excellent production manager.