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EO Sterilizer with humidity above 90%

2021-12-09 view: 1017
Special configuration of sterilizer with humidity above 90%.
The following is the answer for requirement of 90% humidity in the sterilizing process after calculation:
1. The humidity sensor must be visala brand. Other humidity sensors cannot accurately display the humidity beyond 30% RH ~ 80% RH;
2. When the product is loaded, there shall be gap between the package of  product to facilitate the temperature in the product to reach the set temperature ±3℃ easily.
3. It is recommended to configure internal circulation fan to ensure that the internal temperature of the product is within the set temperature ± 3 ℃, otherwise condensate is easy to occur.
4. Deep vacuum and repeated cleaning are required during cleaning to ensure that the humidity inside of the product will not be too high, otherwise it is easy to produce a lot of condensate after the product comes out of the cabinet;
5. In the case of high humidity, the recommended sterilization temperature is 45-60 ℃;
6. The steam generator needs to be equipped with 6kW to ensure sufficient humidification capacity.
1.Ability to change parameters (temp. humidity, pressure, EO gas concentration, time ect)
An: Yes.
2.The ability to control the actuality of each parameter to apply 11135 and as well as the actuality and numbers of monitoring sensors for each parameter.  (GF: This should be according to ISO 11135, please confirm)
An: the system is equipped with 10 monitoring sensors to monitor the whole process, which can fully meet the requirements of iso-11135;
3.Quality of steam from steam generator for humidly.  (GF: Please show the steam quality details on the meeting with customer)
An: the quality of water determines the quality of steam and the service life of steam generator;
4.EO vaporizer to completely make EO gas into the chamber.  (GF: Please give detailed explanation of the process on the meeting with customer)
An: the capacity of EO vaporizer is 1.2kg/min, which is completely enough for 3M ³ The sterilization cabinet of;
5.Recoding system tracking sterilization process (GF: The example screenshot is inside the datasheet)
An: you can view sample data
6.The weighing system EO cylinder system to confirm EO gas concentration.  (GF: This is included in the quotation, please explain in details on the meeting with customer)
An: the system is equipped with an online electronic scale, which can timely know the EO weight added into the cabinet, and the system can automatically calculate the adjusted EO concentration in the cabinet;
7.Outing EO gas treatments system for environmental preservation.  (GF: Please give detailed explanation on the meeting with customer)
An: as long as EO tail gas treatment device is installed;
8.It is desirable that manufacturer can perform and submit us IO/OQ reports in installing machine in factory.  (GF: Included in the quotation)
An: IQ / OQ report can be provided; If the customer does IQ and OQ verification, the customer needs to prepare wireless temperature and humidity sensors;
9.The safety features, including those for personnel and environmental protection.  (GF: Please give detailed explanation on the meeting with customer)
An: Environmental EO concentration detection system and tail gas treatment equipment shall be configured;
10.The control for the storage place to keep EO gas cylinder safely.  (GF: Please give detailed explanation on the meeting with customer)
An:>70%EO+30%CO2, we need to configure the fire spray system to control the ambient temperature within 30 degrees.


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