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45 cubic eo sterilizer FAQ

2021-12-09 view: 1510
45 cubic eo sterilizer FAQ
1.Internal volume not less than 40 m3 (please provide two options: standard dimension vs customized dimension to full utilise our available space).
A: Yes, we provided two schemes, one is a 47m3 sterilizer and the other is a 45m3 sterilizer. 
2.In-chamber aeration type sterilizer.
A: Yes, it has the function of in-chamber aeration.
3.Auto loading conveyor inside the chamber.
A: We provide two schemes with different transmission.
The first is the use of loading trolley, which does not need automatic transmission.
The other is the standard pallet, which recommends chain automatic transmission.
4.Lift up door for both loading & unloading door instead of swing door.
A: Yes, they are equipped with 2 lifting doors.
5.To include scrubber (to treat the effluent gas before discharge from building).
A: Waste gas treatment equipment has been included in the proposal. I'm attaching the proposal for your review.
6.Would you provide the ventilation system (including ducting) for the sterilizer room, technical area and cylinder tank storage area? What would be your scope?
A: We provide piping between our equipment.
Other pipes can be designed for free or installed together. If we install it, the cost will be calculated separately.
7.Would you provide local exhaust ventilated hood? which to be installed on the top of the sterilizer doors.
A: We are equipped with harmless exhaust on the sterilizer.
8.How is the evacuation line? Please use water-sealed type vacuum pump instead of auxiliary fan to evacuate the chamber, does the vacuum pump need to connect to any drain point? Does the evacuation line contain PRV and air vent?
A: The water ring vacuum pump is used now. After the tail gas discharged by the vacuum pump passes through the steam water separator, all gases are directly connected to the tail gas treatment unit.
9.How is the supply pipeline from cylinder tank to your sterilizer? does the pipeline contain three-way vent valve, pressure gauge, etc?
A: Please refer to the system schematic, it shows the connection principle of the whole equipment. Please find attached.
10.What are the safety control measures on your system? Any flow sensors and alarms in case of fan/pump failure? Any real-time monitoring devices / alarms installed to detect accidental releases of ETO? Please consider to have a redundant sensor for critical process parameter to prevent the failure of 1 sensor.
A: The system adopts nitrogen to protect safety in the whole process. At the same time, the system has many leakage self-test functions.
In case of leakage risk, the system will automatically adopt the safest way to deal with it;
There are two temperature, pressure and humidity in the system cabinet. One for standby and one for use are considered. If any one fails, the system can self check most of the faults to ensure safety.
Q: How is the ETO sterilizer work? The process flow and what are the safety measures which we need to take into account?
A: The EO sterilization technology is a very mature and efficient bactericide, which has been recognized all over the world.
Suggestion: explosion proof wall, explosion-proof switch, explosion-proof lamp and explosion-proof fan, etc. 
Explosion proof level: Ex d IIB T4 Gb.
The explosion-proof is mainly the pump motor, and the internal circulation fan adopts the explosion-proof type. The steam generator, air compressor and vacuum pump will be placed in the non explosion-proof auxiliary room, and the control system will be placed in the control room in the non explosion-proof area. This is also a common practice in our industry.
If the workshop area is large enough, water, electricity and network shall be installed according to our design. Generally, the equipment needs almost no other conditions.
Rest assured that all processes are safe.
Q: Detail of your proposal/ quotation, as there is a lot of doubts from our side.
A: Please let me know your doubts, or we can hold a video meeting to solve questions. 
Q: What is the special or value added feature of your ETO sterilizer compared with other manufacturer?
A: Our main advantage is that we can better design the whole system for customers. Our software system is the most powerful and stable in China.
We focus on quality and technology to ensure the stability and safety of equipment.


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