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ETO Sterilization Process Using ETO Sterilizer Machine

2021-06-17 view: 1521
ETO sterilization is often used in the packaging of medical devices.
Let's first understand what is ethylene oxide sterilization:
Ethylene oxide (ETO) is a kind of broad-spectrum and efficient gas sterilization agent, which has strong penetrability to sterilized articles. Because it is a kind of gas, even if the medical equipment is not transparent, it can also reach the deep part of the articles, killing most pathogenic microorganisms, including bacterial colonies, germs, es and fungi. ETO is also a toxic gas. Therefore, it must be used after analysis after sterilization.
In the process of ETO sterilization, the most appropriate sterilization temperature is 55-65, and the relative humidity is 30-60% (if the humidity is too low or more than 80%, the effect will be weakened, and when the relative humidity is less than 25%, the effect will not be effective on the spores). In addition, it is necessary to consider that too high temperature may lead to product or packaging deformation.

ETO sterilization of medical blister box is another popular concept here. Because of the orientation packaging, the medical sterile blister packaging of four materials was introduced before. Laws and regulations also have requirements for the initial packaging of medical devices to adapt to the sterilization process. ETO sterilization is suitable for the four packaging materials introduced before orientation packaging

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