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29 years ethylene oxide sterilizer manufacturer

EO history and achievements

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EO History

More than 30 years ago, this technology was developed for the sterilization of heat and humidity sensitive materials. It is the best choice for sterilization of surgical precision medical devices, optical instruments, electronic equipment plastic products, etc. in 1965, 100% ethylene oxide gas (EO) sterilizer was first launched, with its continuously improved technology and unique products, to ensure the safety of operators and protect the environment from pollution.

EO Latest Achievements

Today, it has become a world leader in 100% ethylene oxide gas (EO) sterilization, making it safer, more reliable, more convenient, more economical, and more environmentally friendly. 3M has been a 100% EO supplier since 1965, offering different sizes depending on the size of the hospital. The entire sterilization process is completely in a negative pressure state to ensure that the gas does not leak out. The built-in temperature probe can adjust the temperature immediately. The built-in humidity probe ensures relative humidity> 65%. The built-in exhaust device completes the highly intelligent control of sterilization and exhaust. Computerized operation. Obtained UL, TUV, CE, CSA agency test box evaluation requirements. Helps you control load and turnaround time to meet peak usage needs. Multiple installations allow simultaneous sterilization and automatic venting. Embedded wall mounting and freestanding shelves can install multiple sterilizers at the same time, saving time and effort, and saving space. The world's first 100% EO gas single-dose gas tank manufacturer.

Advantage Of EO

Convenient transportation and storage, no need of huge gas cylinder, no need of filtering gas, more importantly, CFC free. Environmental protection and safety.
1. It can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial spores. 
2. Sterilized articles can be wrapped and packaged as a whole, which can keep sterile before use. 
3 in contrast, EO does not corrode plastics, metals and rubber, and does not make items yellow or brittle. 
4.It can penetrate irregular articles and sterilize them. 
5.It can be used for sterilization of articles that cannot be soaked in disinfectant, sterilized by dry heat, pressure, steam and other chemical gases.


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