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Ethylene oxide sterilizer price

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Concept of sterilization

The process of making a product free of any type of viable microorganism. That is to use physical and chemical methods to kill all microorganisms on the transmission medium and make it sterile.

Essential for ease of use

Adopt high quality component design to strengthen pollution control, ensure safe process, promote best practice, and provide reliable results and high throughput. From hygiene,The structure and design of stainless steel surfaces to enhanced ergonomic interfaces are carefully integrated into high-performance solutions that are essential for ease of use and integration quality during mask production.

The unique properties of ethylene oxide

The unique properties of ethylene oxide (EO) make it suitable for sterilization of hot and wet sensitive products. Ethylene oxide can penetrate packaged goods, effective sterilization at very low temperature, is the ideal technology for cold end sterilization. We provide you with complete EO sterilization plan optimization support for specific products, workflows, and facility layouts.

Safety of our EO sterilization equipment

For us, safety is the top priority of individuals and disinfection equipment. Therefore, it is composed of special security modules. In addition, some safety is considered in the design process, such as: for any key function, minimum 3 redundant safety, automatic calculation of flammable chart, use of flame arrester, etc.

Our control system

We have developed our own high quality control system specially designed for ethylene oxide sterilization equipment. The goal is to ensure a reliable, safe and effective sterilization process. This control system can meet the needs of customers and has many advantages. Learn more about ETO sterilization equipment.

Disinfection of medical supplies

In health services, disinfection of medical supplies is an important issue in the development of many infectious diseases. In order to improve the quality of supply, international standards have been established, which define the requirements of equipment and procedures required by the medical facility disinfection department. EO sterilizer provides the best solution for mask sterilization as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Stainless steel pressure vessels and pipes

From autoclave chamber to process and non process pipeline, it is a solid stainless steel sterilizer. Machine parts are carefully selected to ensure function and hygiene. The panel adopts vertical particle brush and satin coating, which is easy to clean and uniform in appearance. The pressure vessel is welded by manipulator and highly polished.

Sterilization mechanism of ethylene oxide

Ethylene oxide can effectively kill all kinds of microorganisms. The main mechanism of its sterilization is that EO can react with carboxyl (- COOH), amino (- NH3), hydroxy (- OH) on protein, which makes protein inactive and leads to microbial death. During sterilization, the temperature and humidity requirements are very important. When the temperature is lower than 35 ℃ or the relative humidity is lower than 25%, the sterilization effect cannot be achieved, even if the sterilization time is extended, it will not be effective.
Today, for medical masks, the disinfection and sterilization of disposable civilian masks use ethylene oxide sterilizers. The ethylene oxide sterilizer not only has good sterilization and disinfection effects, but also has a short disinfection and sterilization time. The patented technology of our company's ethylene oxide sterilizer has greatly reduced the sterilization time.


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