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How To Choose Eo Sterilizer Chamber Manufactor?

2021-06-17 view: 1623

The ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet also has the following characteristics.

Our company's ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet is well designed and well-designed, mainly composed of microcomputer control system, residual gas treatment device, sterilization studio and other parts.
All technical indexes of the product are managed by computer automation, so the control is accurate and reliable.

Sterilization equipment in ethylene oxide sterilization equipment

The advantages of mixed ethylene oxide sterilization are low toxicity, high efficiency, wide spectrum, thorough sterilization, strong penetration, short sterilization time, no corrosion to articles, no residue after sterilization of articles, no pollution to the environment, so it is safe and reliable to use. It is a popular sterilization equipment in China's ethylene oxide sterilization equipment.

Our company specializes in the production of ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet.

In practical application, the ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet is more intelligent and easy to operate, which greatly improves the sterilization efficiency, convenient transportation and storage, and more environmentally safe to use. It is a necessary sterilization product for hospitals. Our company mainly produces and sells ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet, low temperature plasma sterilizer and other products. If you have any doubts about the products, you can call us for consultation.

The requirements for  ethylene oxide sterilizers:

It has good pressure resistance and airtight performance, and can withstand 1.25 times of working pressure hydrostatic test, no denaturation and leakage, and can pump vacuum degree to over 53.3 kPa; the dosage is accurate, the heat preservation performance is good, and the temperature and relative humidity in the sterilizer can be adjusted; after disinfection, when the external environment air is used for washing, the input air passes through the high-efficiency filter, and can be filtered out ≥ 0.3 & micro; More than 99.6% of M particle; the residual ethylene oxide in sterilized articles shall be less than 15.2mg/m after harmless treatment; the concentration of ethylene oxide in sterilized environment shall be less than 2mg / m.

Ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet can be customized

Ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet can also be called ethylene oxide sterilization device. It uses ethylene oxide as a sterilization agent for sterilization, so that some microorganisms can be killed at room temperature to achieve the sterilization effect. At present, it is widely used in hospitals, and its size can be customized according to the needs of customers.


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