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Specification of ethylene oxide sterilizer

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Specification of ethylene oxide sterilizer
Cabinet volume:from 1m3 to 100m3
Pressure range chamber supported
Designed range: -95Kpa to +80Kpa, suggested pressure: -90Kpa to +60Kpa

body (main part)for EO Sterilization

  • 1.Cabinet :stainless steel : SUS304,δ=8mm
  • 2.water jacket:rectangular steel 120*60/Q235
  • 3.housing: stainless steel
  • 4.foot:carbon Steel 14#/Q235
  • 5.foot support:steel 10#/Q235
  • 6.insulating layer:ceramic fiber
door (mian part)for EO Sterilization
  • 1.door :stainless steel : SUS304,δ=8mm
  • 2.door frame:rectangular steel 120*60/Q235
  • 3.door water Jacket: U- bar carbon steel
  • 4.door seal flange :carbon Steel
  • 5.door seal way: interal air feeding
  • 6.housing:stainless steel
  • 7.insulating layer:ceramic fiber
heating components (main part) for EO Sterilization
  • 1. heating water tank installing way: wall mounted
  • 2. cabinet of tank : stailess steel
  • 3. housing of tank : Carbon steel with power paint
  • 4. Electrical Equipment: stainless steel electrical heaing pipe
EO vaporizer
  • 1. vaporizer installing way: wall mounted or ground based. Cusomter's decision.
  • 2.EO coil pipe:stainless steel pipe
  • 3.vaporizer housing:stainless steel
  • 4. N2 feeding function: optional , charge extra
  • 5. Rotor Flow detection function
  • 6. with vaporizer water temperature deteciton funcioin, vaporizer found gas pressure detection is
  • optional,charge extra.
harmless exhausting system with exhaust flange joints, support future expansion,flange blind plate is carbon steel,with
silicon pad,fan is with imported filter screen
product loading way suggest to set the sterilier into a pit to make the cabinet bottom of the sterilizer is even to the
ground; Pallet loading product.
heating pipe:4*9kw/AC380V 3P
vaccum pump:3.85kw/AC380V 3P/GP 50HZ
hot water heating circulating pump:1.5Kw/AC380V 3P 50HZ
safety valve:0.085Mpa
steam generator:6KW/AC380V 50HZ
air compressor:1.5Kw/AC380V 3P 50HZ
air filter:standard fonfiguration
EO pipe:standard fonfiguration
EO tank joints:standard fonfiguration
door open/close cylinder , door lock cylinder:standard fonfiguration
Door Categories:
  • M:Manual Door
  • A:Pneumatic Sliding Door
  • R:Pneumatic Revolving Door
  • L:Lifting Door
magnetic contorl box:ST-P31xxL/2N
pneumatic valve"humidifying valve: 0.5inch screwed fitting , vacuum valve :1.5inchs screwed fitting Feeding EO valve:0.5inch screwed fitting vaporizing valve: 1inch 3 ways screwed joints
air release valve:1 inchs screwed fitting condensate water releasing valve: 0.5inch screwed joints"

EO electric scale:
1、range :150Kg;
2、material :stainless steel;
3、support RS485 communication function;
General Modele Series Control System for EO Sterilization
temperature sensor: output form:PT100; range:-50~100℃
pressure sensor: output form:4~20mA voltage :DC24V range:-0.1~+0.15Mpa
mechnical gage: range: -0.1~+0.15Mpa
humidity sensor: output form:4~20mA voltage :DC24V range :0~100%RH
water tank pressure sensor: MIK-P300/0-6bar
Door limit location: φ18mm/PNP/NO/DC24V
control cabinet: integrated work station BGIB3-E0
control module: SIEMENS S7200 PLC/SMART
low voltage apparatus
buttons and indicator light
IPC(Industrial Personnal Computer): SMART IPC3000
screen: 226V6QSB6/21'5/16:9
printer: Deskjet M104a black/white lazer
General Modele System Functions and Properties for EO Sterilization
system control mode: Soft mannual & Full- Automatic
open/close Door way: Sliding door
door qty: two
data record way: interval mode , warning triggered mode
historical curve record way: continuous time interval mode
data save time: 10 year(If hard drive is not damaged)
recirculated water connector: both cabinet and door with one way in and one way out
circulation water jacket replacement time: <5 minutes
temperature sensor precision: display Range: 0-100℃;resolution: 0.1℃
temperature control precision:cabinet wall temperature difference within ±5℃
temperature control precision:cabinet inside temperature difference is within ±3℃
pressure sensor precision: display Range : -100-+150Kpa,resolution: 0.1Kpa
vaccum control mode: continuous mode and stepping mode ( proportional valve regulating mode is choosable)
vaccuming time: < 30minutes  from 0 to -90KPa
humidity sensor precision: display range: 0-100%RH(no-condensing) , resolution 0.1%RH
control time range: 0-99hours, sterilizing time resolution 1min
cabinet water volume auto detecting: yes ,system shows and controls the water volume and feeds water automaticly.
steam heating connector: yes, auto control
steam detecting: yes, displaying and warning when the steam is not enough
vaccum pump detecting connector: yes, displaying and warning when the pressure is not enough
steam pressure detecting connector: yes, displaying and warning when the pressure is not enough
humidifing connector: yes ,humidifying automaticly by pulsatile mode
humidifying way: pressure difference or sensor
Nitrogen protection system connector: yes , auto control
tail gas treatment connector: yes , auto control
in-door and out-door air exhausing connector: yes , auto control
data record and dealing mode: PC monitoring software and special data processing software for sterilization
support recipe: mixed gas process, pure EO gas( not suggested)
support EO gas: any kind of EO gas. Normal ones:30%EO +70%CO2 ,80%EO +20%CO2, 90%EO+10% CO2, 100% EO(work with N2); Strengthen(pay extra)type: 10%EO +90% CO2, 20%EO + 80%CO2.
over high temperature limit protection: yes
over high pressure limit protection: yes
EO under low temperature limit protection: yes

Our company provides the integrated solution of design for control system, control system, installation and after-sales service. We are committed to enhance our customer’s productivity, safety, energy conservation and cost reduction. Our main product is ethylene oxide sterilizer and auxiliary equipments, various types of automation control systems and high costeffective robot arm.
Since 2015, our Company and Bejing Fengtai Yongding Disinfectant Factory built a strategic partnership, which is a professional ETO sterilizer manufacture. In order to improve product quality and grades faster, we have formed a professional team for R&D and service system for after-sales market, and we also establishment spererate sales department for Domestic Trade and International Trade. Beijing Fengtai Yongding sterilization plant is mainly responsible for domestic trade and sterilizer’s after-sales service, Hangzhou Bacon Mechanical and Electrical Equipments Co., Ltd is mainly responsible for international trade and electrical system service.


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