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Safety inspection of ethylene oxide sterilizer

2020-03-05 view: 1733

Storage of ethylene oxide

  • 1 ethylene oxide shall be stored in a separate room. The room shall be equipped with ventilation, explosion-proof and fire-fighting facilities.
  • 2 the ethylene oxide cylinder shall be stored in a cool place away from the heat source, and the storage temperature of ethylene oxide shall be lower than 30 ℃.
  • 3 the ethylene oxide cylinder shall be provided with a fixed support.

Safety inspection of ethylene oxide sterilizer

1 equipment in good condition
The sterilizer must be kept in good condition, especially the air tightness of electrical control cabinet and box. In case of failure in the use of the equipment, the sterilization shall be stopped immediately and the ethylene oxide in the box shall be evacuated.
2 leakage inspection
During ethylene oxide sterilization, leakage test shall be carried out on the sterilization cabinet regularly (test paper soaked with sodium thiosulfate solution containing 1% phenolphthalein can be pasted on the suspected air leakage place, if the test paper turns red, it is proved that ethylene oxide is leaking out)
3 troubleshooting
Troubleshooting shall be carried out by operators and equipment professional technicians. Please refer to the maintenance and servicing manual (list of common troubleshooting) provided by the manufacturer. If the fault cannot be eliminated, please contact the manufacturer in time.

Use conditions 

There are many factors that affect the sterilization of ethylene oxide. Only by strictly controlling the relevant factors can the sterilization effect be achieved.

Safety protection of operators

1 dressing
Operators shall wear clean clothes, protective gloves and shoes with nails.
2 ambulance
If the operator finds dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other poisoning symptoms, he shall leave the site immediately to the ventilation place for rest, and the serious one shall be sent to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.
3 health care
Personnel engaged in ethylene oxide sterilization shall have regular physical examination.


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